How a simple act can be a disaster.

It’s been a while since I last posted, the reason being, a simple act and a lesson learned. Start of New Year my sister needs kitchen floor fitting, oak flooring. I drive over to her place with tools required for the job intending to get it finished over the weekend! Well things never seem to be as easy as you think, first get the old floor up to find the sub floor is anything but level, first day level concrete floor, o.k. Next day, put damp proof underlay down and prepare to fit flooring, Oak tongue and Groove, just click together, simple, wrong, the machining was not good so most boards did not fit together neatly so it was a case of shaving the boards to get a good fit, 2 days later getting there, doors to cut down, skirting to fit, so much for a simple job, 4days job done so decide to have a good soak in the bath at my sister’s, she as one of those deep old fashion tubs about 30 inches deep, so fill the tub lots of hot water and relaxing bath oils, can of cold beer, player, headphones and I’m sorted, in I go water up to my chin, chilled out, relaxed, great. Time to bathe and get out the tub before I wrinkle up like a Prune, all done so I go to get out of the tub, disaster, I slip on the oil coating the floor of the bath and 200 lbs comes down on the side of the bath crack couple of ribs and cause a huge wave in the bath which floods the bathroom, me on the floor naked and my wife and sister banging on the door thinking earthquake! I tell them it’s ok just a bit of water but no problem. I notice that I had moved the bath which was free standing causing the plumbing to be disconnected, so I had to struggle to sort that out, I eventually got it all back to normal and went downstairs to face the music, not mentioning the fall I said I slipped on the tiles nothing to worry about. 2 hours later I’m in agony ribs are painful, and bruise is coming out on my side and painful to breathe, hospital, 2 broken ribs and severe bruising. So much for a simple act.


When it was a better place.

As we get to our Twilight years we seem to spend more time looking back, maybe due to the fact there is a lot less to look forward to. The best years are the years of our youth, we were free of our parents control, so we thought, out of sight out of mind. We could roam free left to our own devices. There were no TV to fill your head with things you did not need, a visit to the cinema gave you all the ideas your imagination did the rest, a broomstick could become anything you desired, a horse, rifle, a Lance anything. Your fingers were machine guns, western pistols you could get draw your mates, hours spent riding the range on your trusty broomstick, hi oh silver.

Nice day.

Might be a bit on the cool side but it’s dry and sunny for a change. Sunday morning means a stroll down to the village get Sunday newspaper, have a coffee, read paper! Read they are on about putting 25p on a already extortionate paper cup of coffee, £2.75 “MPs are calling for a 25p “latte levy” on disposable coffee cups to help reduce waste.” Is this another stealth Tax, why not force the multi million profit making coffee shop chains come up with a environmental friendly coffee cup the can be safely disposed. Will the 25p levy help the environment or just lead to bigger profits, what happens to the levy on plastic bags? still loads of plastic bags around. How much plastic do you need to wrap some vegetable in, we British must start rejecting all this needless packaging, go back a few years and it was just a simple paper bag.

Are we stupid.

You sit in front of the TV and listen to all these overpaid experts telling us what is wrong with the system but offering no cure, at the moment it’s the NHS getting it in the neck, Ambulances sitting outside hospitals waiting to unload patients, patients waiting for beds, for Operations, Treatment so it goes on. In my lifetime I have seen past governments whittle away at Health system here, gone the vast majority of council run care homes, gone to the private sector to make huge profits for some fat cats somewhere. Hospitals run by matrons/Sisters not some “Trust” whose aim was profit in the guise of effiencey. Do they think we are stupid, the population as boomed over the years, people are living longer so we need more Hospitals, more staff. Instead the Government wants to spend Billions on rail services so we can get to London 10 minutes quicker, where is the sense in this. We must get our priorities right.

A man’s shed is his castle.

My shed is my Empire, here I can be who I want, what I want and say what I will, I will be obeyed, I am the King of my world, a world I choose to be as I want. I write the laws make the rules, so, am I no longer a King but now a Dictator? if the Empire I made for the  people is my idea of the perfect world and they disagree what does that make me, a seeker of Utopia? or is the answer to have an Empire devoid of people, would that be an Empire. Maybe the use of the word Empire conjures up the ideas, A shed is a place to be to immerse yourself in your fantasy world and not worry about the real world outside, maybe all the fantasy worlds exist in sheds somewhere in someones backyard, a universe of sheds, at the bottom of the garden you can enter not a shed but, the Shire’s Hobbiton, Narnia, roam around some distant Galaxy or anyplace you can imagine . All you need is a bit of imagination. Where to next, I think I will go and visit Bilbo Baggins.

Laid low

I am half Icelandic, that makes me half Viking, a race who pillaged most of the known word in there Longboats, no navigational instruments just a bit of magnetic rock. They over a couple of centuries were one of the most feared races in the known word, courage, stamina and a belief in  their Gods led them to these massive, so why is it when I am half put Viking can I be laid out with a case of FLU! where did that part of me go, self preservation? slightest ailment and it’s Doctors, is this the result of our so called civilised society, we lack the knowledge to help ourselves . So are we better off, probably am in terms of material thing you can say, was not that long ago when things were much different, mobile phones, pc, s internet Tv this all happening in close on 50 years. What next???